Various Dental Imaging Software and It’s Functions

Many of today’s equipment are very advance because of the technology we have. Many experts of different engineering field have created and enhanced the former tools so that it will become more efficient and effective. Many of our medical apparatus have been innovated to function and meet the needs of the clients. Because of the advanced technology we have, our dentistry industry benefitted so much that high technology equipment are available for quick and more accurate evaluation and result.

Below are various dental imaging software that is available in the market and now being used in the industry of dentistry:

Various Dental Imaging Software and It’s Functions
  • Carestream Cosmetic Imaging Software – this tool allows both you and your client or patient to view and visualize the benefits and the look of suggested action for treatment. This tool is compatible with most digital cameras and consists of a broad smile library images.
  • Cliniview – is an imaging software with a great tool for image viewing, capture, storage and printing as well as a wide range of enhancement tools for images. It also upkeeps all Instrumentarium Dental imaging products. Moreover, the software’s cutting-edge pre-processing procedures augment grayscale pictures spontaneously and guarantee exceptional image superiority.
  • Carestream Orthodontic Imaging Software – this powerful imaging technology help you make a diagnosis, make action plans and treatment recommendation to your patients that very understandable. This program helps patient better picture and recognize treatment preferences.
  • Tx Studio Software – these tools is used exclusively for i-Cat system that delivers tools for surgical procedures, restorations, implants, braces, orthodontics, endodontic, airway and TMJ assessment. It captures all records in a 3D scan and creates images for orthodontic treatment planning. It also helps locate impacted and uncorrupted teeth with flexible cross-sectional assessments and transcription of volumes.
  • TigerView Imaging Software – this program works with almost any dental X-ray tools and it store and captures all types of dental images.
  • Vatech Ez3D Imaging Software – this powerful program let you explore 3D dental images and help you make a precise analysis and treatment plan.
Various Dental Imaging Software and It’s Functions

These dental imaging software is very useful in the dental industry and to patients for more accuracy of treatment plan and options.

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