Some Dental Packages

The growth of the dental industry is being recognized nowadays. There are many small dental clinics that can be seen all over the community and the competition is very high. That’s why there are lots of discount promotional that almost every clinic observe and do. People try to go to dental clinics with lesser amount to pay but with many additional services that they can get. Even, there are clients that will ask for discounts if the treatment is big.

Some Dental Packages

There are dental clinics that offer discount program to their regular clients or member and do extra services and some of them are affiliated with different companies where you can have freebies and extra markdown because they are a partner with their promotions. Some clinics giveaway cards and this card can save some points and other free services.

Some Dental Packages

Below are glimpse of some dental packages that you will want to try:

  • When booking for a consultation you get free OPG X-ray, free airport transfer and one-night hotel accommodation.
  • Smile makeover packages and this will include porcelain veneers, dental whitening and cleaning, 7 days lodging with 5-star hotels of your choice that would include free breakfast and Wi-Fi at your room, transportation from and to the airport.
  • Packages for full mouth rehabilitation with dental crowns includes 12 metal and E-max ceramic crowns, 15 days of 5-star hotel accommodation on your choice with Wi-Fi and breakfast and 2 tours to choose.
  • Dental travel packages that provide dental aesthetic works, x-ray, prosthetics, and dentist’s fees are 50-70% cheaper than any dental promotions and this will includes travel costs, airport and clinic transfer as well as accommodation.
  • Book an appointment with free accommodation and transportation. Its dental tourism packages will match up your needs and budget. They offer affordable cosmetic and general dental services which will includes dental surgery, porcelain crown, removable dentures, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening, implants and braces at affordable prices.

When you want some affordable yet great deal packages, just search through internet and look for dental packages that suits your preference.

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